Sunday, 26 February 2012

Couture Nails

So I'm obsessed with all things nail varnish and I've found a new product to add to the obsession !! Nails inc have started to do customised nail varnishes. You can choose the colour, cap and create your own label, which is so exciting - you can basically create your very own nail varnish. For £20 its a unique present idea and definitely something different to treat your friends and family members. I love love love this idea and can't wait to get creating individual nail varnishes for some of my friend's birthdays that are coming up soon !!! Have a look at the website, by clicking on the photo, and get started on your own creation. 

Verdict: Exciting and unique idea !!

Love Kathy


  1. Love your blog! Those nail polishes look gorgeous!! xxxxxx

  2. Nails inc are so good aren't they! Didn't realise they did this service too so thanks for posting about it :)

  3. Thanks Samantha :P that's so nice :P just looked at urs and joined it - fab :P Love L+K

  4. OMG i know i love these nail varnishes - what are your favourites ? xxx Love Kathy xxx