Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello :P

So sorry for the lack of posts recently but Lauren and I have been really busy with our dissertations and revising for our final exams.

 However I had to share a quick post about the new Vaseline Essential Moisture Pure Oat moisturiser.  I have been searching for a great body moisturiser for ages and I have tried many before but never really found one that I love. However I have struck gold with Vaseline's latest  product. It is AMAZING, smells great and leaves your skin feeling so soft for ages. If you love the hydration vaseline jelly gives to your lips then you will love the feeling of your skin, after you use their newest body moisturiser. I've seen it priced between £3 and £5 in different shops, so it is a brilliant high-street bargain. You don't need loads of moisturiser and it sinks into your skin really quickly, but smells amazing all day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and the smell and packaging makes it feel really summery.

Love Kathy

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

I love Bobbi Brown products but this one is the product I have re-used again and again. The Shimmer Bricks are one of her most popular products, winning countless awards and in most 'must have for summer' lists.  I love this product as it is a great highlighter, but you can also use the colours for eyes and mix with vaseline to make a great lip colour. It's fab for taking on holiday, if you don't have too much space for makeup. It gives you the perfect summer glow and there are loads of different shades, for example:

1) Pink Quatrz Shimmer Brick
2) Nectar Shimmer Brick
3)Bronze Shimmer Brick
4)Beige Shimmer Brick
5)Rose Shimmer Brick

All priced at £30.50

I love the rose colour because it suits my paler skin tones, giving my cheeks just the right amount of pink colour and also the darker tones can be used as a great highlighter. However there is a perfect selection for most skin types.

Verdict: Great product for the summer and one I'm sure you will buy again and again.

Love Kathy xxx

Lush Lip Scrub

As someone who has pretty dry and easily chapped lips, I've been looking for a good Lip Scrub for the longest time and for years relied on Vaseline or the Nivea lip balm to help but never found a decent scrub that didn't irritate my lips. But after a recommendation from one of my friends I thought I'd try the Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub as she said it tasted amazing and really soothed her chapped lips, especially in the winter. I'm a bit of a newbie with Lush products but it was cheap-ish at £4.95 and I was up for trying anything so I thought I'd give it a go.

I must say, even after the first application I was impressed, and that was only cause it tasted absolutely divine! As it's made from completely natural and edible ingredients (mostly castor sugar) after you massage it into your lips you can just lick it right off! I know that sounds disgusting, but it seriously tastes amazing.

Lush claims the scrubs "are made from castor sugar to act as a gentle scrub and jojoba oil to be wonderfully moisturising but light enough not to leave you feeling greasy. Keeps lips in tip top condition, for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else you wish to do with them". After using the product every morning and night for about a week I really noticed a definite difference in my lips: they were softer with no dry patches and a much nicer base for pretty lipsticks which I normally stay away from! I'll be doing a Top 5 Everyday Lip Products soon so this scrub has come in incredibly hand!

Verdict: totally worth it for £4.95 as a little goes a long way with this stuff so I think mine
should last me a fair while. And it tastes amazing! If anything, just go try it for the taste! ;)

Love Lauren

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jemma Kidd 30% Off!!

Just a quick one today to let you all know about the coupon code I've found for 30% off for all Jemma Kidd makeup and! As an avid reader of HELLO magazine, I get it every month and the April edition has a coupon code for 30% off at jemmakidd if you enter HELLO3SP at checkout.

My favourite products from Jemma Kidd are the Light as Air Foundation, the All over Face Radiance Glow highlighter and pretty much all of the brushes!!
Happy shopping!

Love Lauren xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More Summer Skincare

I've been on a mission to test out lots of new skin care products recently and I have to say I'm still a huge fan of the Elemis products. However there is a new must have product that I fist saw when exploring Lauren's makeup selection. I knew I had to try it myself and I can honestly say it is AMAZING.

It is the BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment. Yes, this product is expensive at £45 but I have never had such a result over just a few days. 

BareMinerals claims that the product is:

" Clinically proven to help dramatically reduce the appearance of pores, increase luminosity and deliver faster cell turnover-resulting in miraculous skin-renewing benefits. Experience younger-looking, radiant, even skin tone with improved texture. This concentrated powder formula replenishes skin while you sleep so you'll wake up to the famous bareMinerals naturally luminous glow. "

I can honestly say it does all of this and more. My skin looks brighter, feels less oily over the T-Zone and looks a lot healthier. I am amazed by this product. I did my research before I bought it because it is a lot of money to pay - however it has won awards and has rave reviews everywhere you look. You apply the powder,once a night before bed, using the brush in circular motions to cover all of the skin - it doesn't come off on your pillow and I have been told it lasts ages. You can get the product in clear ( I have this and you can't tell you have any product on) , or in light, medium or dark to match your skin tone and it just looks like you have the BareMinerals foundation on.

Verdict: I know this is expensive but I have never seen such amazing results. If you shop around you can see it slightly cheaper at around £36. It lasts ages and is a must have.

Has anyone got any suggestions for products similar to this which are cheaper?

Love Kathy xxx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Revon Lip Butters

If you're from the US then you must think this is incredibly late in coming, but Revlon have just released their new line of lip product, Revlon Lip Butters in the UK a few weeks ago and I was desperate to get my lips on them and try them! Kathy can tell you how obsessed I have been, and it shows: I have 8 of them (so far)

Left from top: Berry Smoothie, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Macaroon
Right from top: Sugar Frosting, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart

There are 20 shades in the line, all named after something sweet which is a really cute touch and they are a completely unique formula. They are marketed as a lip butter in a stick, meaning they are soft and creamy and feel smooth and moisturising on the lips unlike some lipsticks that can be drying.

From left to right: Sugar Frosting, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Macaroon

I have to say I am very impressed with the pigmentation! Most lip balms I have tried are moisturising but have very little colour pay-off, but these are incredible, especially Lollipop which is my favourite colour! The staying power isn't fantastic, but considering it is marketed as a lip balm product I wasn't completely surprised, but it didn't feel an effort to reapply them through the day, and they are so creamy I didn't even use a gloss on top!

From left to right: Sugar Frosting, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Macaroon

The only downside in my book is also what makes them amazing - the fact that they are so soft! As a clumsy person with absolutely no grace, I have squashed the edges of these a couple of times when applying and winding them up and down, but I guess that just comes from the creamy formulation. A word of warning, be careful when winding them up and down!

Verdict: 100% recommendation from me! I can't get enough of these little beauties and they are definitely a staple in my makeup for Spring and Summer this year, especially when they are only £7.99! (Boots is having a 3 for 2 sale at the moment so get down quick to get 3 for £16!!) My favourite shades are Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart and Lollipop, let me know which ones yours are!

Love Lauren

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nail of the Day

Hey Guys

So I went to a glamorous party this weekend and thought I'd show you the nails I did for the occasion. It's not often I get invite to go anywhere exciting so I thought I'd make the most of the occassion, even with my nails! I wanted it to be sparkly and pretty but not clash with my dress so I kept the colours neutral but something a bit different too. To me it actually looks a bit like snow or something Christmasy, but I love it

The colours are: Essie 'Walk Down the Aisle' with OPI 'Servin up Sparkle' from the Serena Williams Glam Slam collection.

Hope you like them and it maybe gave you an idea for your own glamorous nails! Leave me a comment suggesting any other exciting ways I can paint my nails for Spring!

Love Lauren