Sunday, 26 February 2012

Meet Us :)

Hi! It’s our first blog post so we are so excited! We wanted to say hi and hope everyone is great. Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy our blog. We have wanted to start blogging for ages and we finally decided why not get together and enjoy making our own unique blog, which we can create as a joint effort – two heads are better than one right!

From Lauren ….

I’m Lauren, I’m 20 and I have an uncontrollable obsession with makeup and my hair! Although I’m not a typical girly girl, I love experimenting with makeup and styling my hair when I have too much free time during the day, and painting my nails almost every day. I love all things makeup and fashion and would very much like to be a professional makeup artist one day!

From Kathy ….

Hi, I’m Kathy and I’m 21 and in my last year of Uni. I love all things to do with make- up and I’m really into the vintage look/ style that’s re-emerging right now. I am a bit of a girly girl – I love all things sparkly and pretty and I love spending time with the girls and going out. Being at Uni, I’ve had lots of chances to experiment with different looks and styles. There is nothing better to just relax than just pamper yourself and try out new styles.

From L+ K…

We wanted our blog to include lots of experimenting with new and exciting makeup; product reviews and comparisons and probably lots of nail varnish! We love watching YouTube videos of makeup girls, our favourites being FleurDeForce, Pixi2woo and Amarixe and we also love all those beauty blogs out there like, Lipglossiping, DailyPolish and dancewithem. We would love our blog to be as successful as theirs, and maybe we could move to YouTube videos one day too.

Come back and see us soon

Lauren and Kathy

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