Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Nails

I am into nail art and painting my nails in a big way, so I thought I'd experiment with the Myleene Klass Nail Wraps. The former Hear'Say singer launched her new line of 'Magic' Nail Wraps back in November, claiming you "Just peel, stick and go. You don't even need to heat them up. Best of all you can change your look as quickly as you change your clothes." I've tried nail wraps before and some of them are pretty pathetic, but these looked good and had a nice selection of patterns, so I thought I'd put them to the test!
I must say, I was impressed! They come in a wide selection of sizes, although all of mine were the small nail sizes so I had a fair few left over, but I guess I could cut them down to a better shape for another use. Like Myleene claimed, you don't need to use heat to get them to stick, but I tried with using a hairdryer for a couple of them and they definitely latched onto my natural nail better, so if you do go for these, maybe pass them under a hairdryer for a couple of seconds before applying. Otherwise, these were a great success for me! They lasted just over a week and I certainly put them to the test, I went out to a club three different nights with them on and they didn't budge!

Verdict: definitely worth the £5.99 I paid for them at Boots

Love Lauren

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