Monday, 19 March 2012

Guest Blog: MAC Eyeliner

This week our guest blogger is Jess (Deathcka) who has her own blog and tumblr account that you should definitely check out! Over to you Jess :)

Hello my lovelies!

THANK YOU for asking me to be your guest blogger! Sorry it’s taken me an age…
Anyway! I want talk about the awesomeness that is the Mac Liquidlast Liner.

As a skint student, usually I believe any form of liquid liner that is over a fiver is extortionate, and not worth it… This bad boy, however, is worth every penny of the £14.
With one coat, it is seriously black, and goes on beautifully. (I tend to opt for my Bobbi Brown liner brush instead of the one in the product. The brush tip is a bit too flimsy - you get this with most liquid liners these days; massive ball-ache.)

The most desireable element of the liner for me, is how long it lasts. It. Does. Not. Budge. You can cry, go swimming (tried and tested), run for the bus in a monsoon, and it goes nowhere. Granted, it’s a bugger to get off, when you’re merry after 5 sambucas and having trouble getting your tights off, but the fact it has stayed on all night is a testament to it’s fabulousness.
It also lasts forever, long-term. The bottle is tiny (2.5 ml) but it goes such a long way, its unbelieveable! I can buy it annually, and wear it every day.

As the picture demonstrates, I love using it as a finishing touch to smokey eyes. With big flicks on its own, it has a hints retro; any way this liner is applied, is bound to be gorgeous, and I use it in my daily makeup routine.

Overall verdict: 8/10. It’s my favourite, most reliable product in my makeup box.

Loads of love!



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