Sunday, 11 March 2012

Summer Skin Care

I really think that keeping your skin in great condition, makes you feel not only confident but makes your skin look glowing and makeup look absolutely flawless. I definitely think investing in a good skincare product is a must and there are some great high- street products as well as more expensive brands which I would definitely recommend.

I can't say enough brilliant things about Elemis products. They smell amazing and make my skin 100% better - that is when I stick to my skin care routine properly which I will admit I haven't been doing recently. However, summer approaches and I'm on a mission to get amazing summer skin, so I'll be getting back on track !

Elemis make loads of products for different skin types; I'm combination skin so my life savers are the Apricot Toner(£19.40) and Soothing Chamomile Cleanser (£19.40).  Using both once a day really makes my skin look healthy and bright and balances it out completely. I also use the Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator (£25.60) twice a week - it's gentle on my skin but removes all the dead skin etc. The best tip I was ever given was by a beautician who said always use exfoliator or the other products won't sink in and do their job. Therefore I would say exfoliating twice a week is essential.

Because I wear glasses a lot, my eyes sometimes get a bit dry and sensitive. However I've noticed a difference when using the Pro- Collagen Eye Renewal * from Elemis. It makes skin firmer and my eyes look a lot less "tired"!!

Lot's of people have been telling me how good the Liz Earle products are and I have been tempted to try them for ages. I did recently buy the Instant Boost Skin Tonic (£12.50). I have been using it and definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I usually put it on about ten minutes before I put my makeup on, and it makes my skin look fresh and nourishes it before I apply heavier foundation for a night out. I think, my skin definitely responds better to the Elemis products, however if any of you can recommend more Liz Earle must haves, let me know !

Finally, my other skin care musts are vaseline (any kind ,various prices). I couldn't live without this for keeping my lips from getting dry. I have about a million pots in bags and drawers all over my room!! Also I recently discovered tea-tree makeup wipes (£4) from Body Shop. These wipes are amazing, treating spots and getting rid of impurities every time you take off your makeup. However they do sting a bit around your eyes, so I usually take my eye makeup off with a normal makeup wipe and then remove foundation with these beauties from Body Shop. It's great to have a product that helps my skin when it removes the makeup.

However, as I'm embarking on a new skin care routine please let me know if you guys have found any great alternatives or must have skin care products. Elemis Pro- Collagen Eye Renewal is £58 on website however I got it in a set which was £25 - special offer. If anyone has any great eye treatments for MUCH cheaper (!!!!) please let me know.

Love Kathy

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