Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I’m pretty sure anybody who is anybody has heard of the original Urban Decay Naked palette, released early last year and took the makeup industry by storm! It sold out immediately and it took me a good few months to get my hands on one, but ever since it has been a major staple in my makeup bag. When I heard Urban Decay was releasing the Naked2 a few weeks ago I knew I needed it in my life!

Being honest, the Naked2 is very similar to the Naked palette with the eye shadow shades, even repeating one called Half Baked, except the Naked2 features a much cooler colour scheme rather than warm bronze browns in the original Naked palette.

From Left: Blackout, Busted, YDK, Verve, Pistol
Suspect, Snakebite, Tease, Chopper, Bootycall, Half Baked, Foxy

Just like its predecessor, the shades are beautifully pigmented, look gorgeous and blend really nicely. The palette is expensive at around £36 but I really think it is worth the money, especially if you like wearing neutral eyes on a daily basis like me. Now the real question, do you need both the Naked and Naked2 palette?
Top: Naked2, Bottom: Original Naked

The honest answer is no as they are very similar, but, if like me you are obsessed with all things makeup then this little beauty is a must for your makeup collection!
Love Lauren xxx


  1. do u think it's must have ?

  2. I think both of us would agree that having Naked 1 or 2 is a must have. The colours are natural and it is great for day wear makeup. Naked 2 is brilliant the colours are bright and look amazing all day and easy to apply.. The tin packaging is a lot sturdier - easier to carry in ur bag !!! What do you think ? Thanks for your comment !

    Love L+K xxxx