Monday, 5 March 2012

Guest Blog - Danielle

Hi Everyone, 

We decided to start a section of 'Guest Blogs' - we love chatting with our friends about makeup and fashion - let's be honest we all pick up tips from each other. We hope you enjoy some of the great tips our beautiful friends have to share !! 

Love L+ K 

Danielle, 21 - This girl is amazing and has been a wonderful friend for a long time. She is in her 3rd year of Uni and is currently studying in Germany. 


Favourite Product: Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self Tan

This is definitely my favourite product at the minute - bit of a life saver! I’ve lost count of how many different brands of fake tan I’ve tried but I've finally found one I can rely on. It doesn’t streak at all and goes on so easily as it’s just an aerosol, coming out looking brown instead of orange, like most others I’ve tried. I think it’s best to spray it in fairly straight lines and I like to rub it in a tiny bit with a mitt or gloves, just so it dries a bit quicker. I’d say drying time is about 5 minutes so not long at all, but you have to leave it a few hours before washing. It’s also a great product that stays on for a few days. It achieves the effect of a spray tan so it’s great for when you have a couple of events going on over a few days! It is very pricey at around £25 depending on which shop you get it from but it tends to last me a good couple of months as I only need to use it once a week so think it’s definitely worth the price!

Love Danielle

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