Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hello :P

So sorry for the lack of posts recently but Lauren and I have been really busy with our dissertations and revising for our final exams.

 However I had to share a quick post about the new Vaseline Essential Moisture Pure Oat moisturiser.  I have been searching for a great body moisturiser for ages and I have tried many before but never really found one that I love. However I have struck gold with Vaseline's latest  product. It is AMAZING, smells great and leaves your skin feeling so soft for ages. If you love the hydration vaseline jelly gives to your lips then you will love the feeling of your skin, after you use their newest body moisturiser. I've seen it priced between £3 and £5 in different shops, so it is a brilliant high-street bargain. You don't need loads of moisturiser and it sinks into your skin really quickly, but smells amazing all day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and the smell and packaging makes it feel really summery.

Love Kathy

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