Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

I love Bobbi Brown products but this one is the product I have re-used again and again. The Shimmer Bricks are one of her most popular products, winning countless awards and in most 'must have for summer' lists.  I love this product as it is a great highlighter, but you can also use the colours for eyes and mix with vaseline to make a great lip colour. It's fab for taking on holiday, if you don't have too much space for makeup. It gives you the perfect summer glow and there are loads of different shades, for example:

1) Pink Quatrz Shimmer Brick
2) Nectar Shimmer Brick
3)Bronze Shimmer Brick
4)Beige Shimmer Brick
5)Rose Shimmer Brick

All priced at £30.50

I love the rose colour because it suits my paler skin tones, giving my cheeks just the right amount of pink colour and also the darker tones can be used as a great highlighter. However there is a perfect selection for most skin types.

Verdict: Great product for the summer and one I'm sure you will buy again and again.

Love Kathy xxx

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  1. I LOVE this product! I definitely need to pick it up again, everything by Bobbi Brown is amaze! Check out my youtube and twitter! :) &