Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Iphone Case.

I guess this isn't beauty or fashion, but I've had loads of questions and compliments onmy iPhone cover, so thought I'd share it on here and let you know where I got it! I've had a black iPhone 4 for nearly a year now and I absolutely adore the phone case I have for it: its a tape cassette! As a child of the 90s I had tonnes of cassettes and I love it when people think I'm talking into one :)
I got it from amazon for an amazingly cheap £3.99 and its pretty good quality! It is a little loose on my phone, but I don't mind that. I drop my phone on a daily basis and so far, in nearly a year, the case has prevented it breaking or scratching! That's good enough for me. If you click the picture it should take you to the webpage where I bought it!

Verdict: i love it!
This was random but, well, yea :)

Love Lauren

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