Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring Nails

I have always loved the candy coloured pastel nail shades and I'm so excited they are coming back in fashion for spring 2012. So I decided to have a look through my nail varnishes and let you know my must have spring nail collection. (From left to right on the bottom photograph.)

I adore Barry M Nail Varnish (£2.99) so I had to include a selection of these.

1) Strawberry Ice Cream 309 - I love this classic pink and summery shade- perfect for spring.
2) Turquoise 295 - I love this blue, it's bright and you only need one coat of it.
3) Mint Green 304 - I'm not a huge fan of green nail varnish but this colour is really pretty.

Barry M are strong, reliable nail polishes and they stay on a long time. For the price I would say they are brilliant additions for spring.

I also love Topshop nail varnishes - again they are cheap (£5) and come in lots of weird and wonderful colours.

4) Mover and Shaker 101 - This orange colour isn't too bright but it goes well with lots - it reminds me of a peach melba colour !!!
5) Art School 001 - Another great pink colour - it is slightly darker than the Barry M but still a lovely classic shade.

These next too are nail varnishes that I thought I would try to branch out from my Barry M obsession.

6) O.P.I Do You Lilac It (£11) - I love O.P.I nail varnishes but I don't have too many. I bought this one because of the lovely violet shade. Perfect for wearing on toe nails with sandals. It stays on for ages too. Really great nail varnish.
7) Paul and Joe 013 (£10) - I picked this one up in the sale and I'm not sure I would pay the normal £10 because it does chip quite easily. However I adore the colour - hot pink. It isn't really a pastel shade but it stills looks lovely on.

Can't wait for some nice weather so I can change from winter colours to lovely bright, summer nails.

Love Kathy


  1. thanks for posting this, been stuck thinking what colour to paint my nails - going for mint! x

  2. No problem :P if u find any more good colours let me know :P xxx

  3. Barry M Nail colour <3

  4. I know Barry M make the best shades !!! been obsessed for years - i think i have nearly every colour !!! Love ur blog :P xx